About Super Powers Inc.

Super Powers Inc.  is an owner/operated business with experience that dates back to 1997.  The owner began as a young man at the age of 16 apprenticing under one of his father’s friends as a carpet cleaning technician.  After that, the business expanded into moving and more!

These days, Super Powers Inc. has its own flair.  We offer a green team policy and try to use products that are the least toxic to our planet.  We also try to offer as many environmental solutions to removing junk as possible.  This includes safe disposal of all chemicals, recycling, donations and more.

We are partners with cleaning supply companies that follow the same practices.  We believe this is important.

A message from the owner:

The word ‘Samurai’ is a well known Japanese term.  People who do not speak Japanese will think it means something like ninja, fighter, great warrior etc.  Right?  It’s quite the opposite actually, as the term actually translates to ‘Servant.’

My name is Christian M. Lagore.  I am the owner of www.superpowers.ca.  My humble roots in this business had me cleaning carpets and moving people around from as early as 16 years of age as a part time job for one of my father’s friends. My father always taught me from a young age that a true leader is a ‘Servant’ to the people.

19 years after starting out as a young mover and carpet technician, I am still holding strong with my own company.  My goal is to provide a service that benefits the company, the employee, and the customer all equally.  I believe that this principal is the only thing that really matters.  I am a ‘Servant’ to this practice.

Thank you for visiting our business www.superpowers.ca!  We will always do our best for you and for all of us. 

Please check out our top-rated Calgary moving services.

Thanks again for visiting!

Christian M. Lagore

CONTACT: (403) 200-4024

EMAIL: superpowerscalgary@gmail.com

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