Calgary Junk Removal

Calgary Junk Removal Service

There is nothing quite like watching a Super Hero take out the garbage. 

Calgary junk removal will free up your space, reduce stress, and allow you to pursue the present while you let go of the past. 

Not really using that 40 year old ballerina suite anymore?  Got three copies of the same book?  Got boxes full of old magazines and rusty tools that are sliiiightly outdated?  Trying to hold on to memories by keeping all your old furniture piled up to the ceiling?  A picture says a thousand words and memories are made in the heart, not by piling up old dusty desks! 

Free up your life and use the space to create new memories with the people that you love and love you right now.  

Take on new hobbies.  Keep your house clean.  Stop collecting things you never use.  It’s only going to cause more stress than it’s worth.  Then when you hire us to move you, it will cost much less!  

We try to offer same-day junk removal whenever we can – for those times when you just can’t stand it one more day.

Ever noticed how good you feel when your living and work spaces are clean and tidy? How awesome it is when what you see around you is only what you want to see there and not the crud and clutter from unused and unwanted junk? Trust us – it’s a great feeling! 

Super-Chris used to be a big hoarder when he first started doing junk removal.  Super-Chris says: “You know that little voice that says, ‘What if I might want to use this one day?’  Well, trust me,  you won’t find it in the mess and you will end up buying a modern version by the time it’s actually necessary.  Sell it, donate it or junk it!”

We like to think that we don’t just clean up your physical space, we also help you clear your head space by totally removing junk from your home and/or work. And we won’t make you wait around for us either – our service is efficient.  Just take a look at some of our client testimonials.

What types of junk do we handle?

We deal with almost every type of junk situation:

  • Unwanted household items
  • Unwanted office items
  • Unwanted workshop items
  • Hoarder’s nests
  • Back alley discards
  • Construction & renovation waste
  • Post-party messes
  • … And so much more!

We deal with it all in a professional, pleasant, polite, and efficient manner. Guaranteed.


Our rates are based on volume and weight. We offer very competitive prices and always strive to promote environmental best practices by recycling and/or donating as much as we possibly can. It’s all part of how we run our business and is automatically included in our costs.

Contact us:

Want to know how much and/or how soon we can get rid of your junk for you? Call us or even text message us with a few photos of your refuse and we’ll get right back to you with a basic quote and timeline.

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